Microflown Technologies BV

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Microflown Technologies BV
HAN Kenniscentrum / Ruitenberglaan 26 6826 CC
+31 316 581490
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Microflown Technologies BV

Microflown Technologies develops and markets innovative vibroacoustic products and services for the global automotive-, aerospace-, defense- and space industry.

Core is the MEMS technology based Microflown, the world’s first and only dedicated acoustic particle velocity sensor in air. The working principle is based upon measuring the temperature difference in the cross sections of two extremely sensitive heated platinum wires that are placed in parallel.

Any sound field is described by both the well known sound pressure (a scalar value) and the acoustic particle velocity (a vector value).
Close to a vibrating surface, acoustic particle velocity equals the structural velocity.

The Microflown sensor might offer an alternative to sound pressure transducers, mini accelerometers and scanning laser vibrometers.

For space, Microflown sensors can be used for indoor reverberant room testing and actual launch.

Applications include:

  • multi channel non contact vibration measurements on light weight structures using Microflown sensor array
  • assessing the diffusiveness of the reverberant room sound field using the concept of the place independent quantity total sound energy
  • measuring the in situ acoustic absorption of a structure subjected to a vibroacoustic load
  • near field visualization of vibration and sound radiation
  • far field sound source localization techniques based upon acoustic vector sensors
  • determination of the acoustic absorption of a launch pad

Product range includes:

  • sensors
  • data acquisition
  • software
  • on site testing services

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