Mill De Bleeke Dood (The pale death)

Mill De Bleeke Dood (The pale death)

Mill De Bleeke Dood (The pale death) is a, in 1655-1656 build, corn-mill. An octagonal bovenkruier (windmill of which only the cap is movable) with scaffolding. The mill had been dismantled for years, but underwent – owned by “De Zaansche Molen” - a profound restoration in 1956. The mill cross with beard on which the years of its foundation in 1656 and the major restoration operation in 1955 are recorded. This flour mill located on the Lagedijk in Zaandijk (south of the village).

Since then the mill is in operation every now and then. On the mill-trencher - a Zaanse tradition! – that was placed on street-side of the under-octagonal, you can read:

I am the pale death.

I am the end of life.

Everyone is prepared to me

By giving plenty of work here.
Know that I work always 1656, 1956.

Visiting hours and others details info about De Bleeke Dood (The pale death), Zaandijk, Zaandam; visit: Click here

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