Mill “De jonge Dirk” (The young Dirk)

Mill “De jonge Dirk” (The young Dirk)

Mill “De jonge Dirk” (The young Dirk) is an, in 1959 rebuild, octagonal bovenkruier (windmill of which only the cap is movable) with scaffolding. Originally this was a little mill; build in 1908 in Zaandam as spice-mill. In the current mill stele-Dutch paper can be made. The wingspread of this little mill is only 8 meters.

The mill is running normally on Sunday and Monday. On the other side is mill De Schoolmeester (The Schoolmaster). Besides " The Young Dirk " there is small mill De wipmolen (of waterwipmolen) De Zwaan (The Swan) in Westzaan. De Zwaan (The Swan) is a pasture mill in the Dutch village Westzaan. Mill De Zwaan (The Swan) had a turbulent history has been completely rebuilt after storm damage in 2004. De wipmolen (of waterwipmolen) or the wipmolen is almost always used as polder. Occasionally the wipmolen is used as windmill. The mill is now next to the mill Dirk De Jonge. The mill is equipped with a wooden impeller pump is arranged in operation and can be visited when visiting Dirk De Jonge and only accessible by boat.

“De jonge Dirk” (The young Dirk)
Eiland Westzijderveld Island Westzijderveld
1151 ZA 1151 ZA
Westzaan Westzaan
Tel: (0)756403808 (0) 756 403 808

Visiting hours and others details info about Mill Het Prinsenhof (The Prince's Court), in Westzaan, Zaanstad, Zaandam; Visit: Click here (Dutch Only)

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