Monnickendam and Marken

Monnickendam and Marken, Noord-Holland's beautiful cities

In the Broek in Waterland region you will become acquainted with the traditional countryside; a countryside dominated by water, not soil. The delicious smell of smoked eel brings the past to life in Monnickendam and Marken, the island where the laundry is always snapping on the clotheslines. After the reclamation of the former Zuiderzee, the fishermen made way for pleasure cruising. On arrival you can also admire the interior of a Marken home and visit the Marken Museum and a wooden shoe factory, where the wooden shoes are still made by hand. In addition, they built their houses on piles, so they where entirely sure that the waves could not surprise them. These pile dwellings stills exist and the picturesque quarters form a world in itself. Here you will find an unequaled example of undisturbed folklore.

Drop your anchor alongside the boardwalk of Volendam

Volendam & Marken:

Two quaint fishing villages with perfectly preserved houses, traditional costumes, shops, and picture-taking opportunities galore!


Stroll through the loveliest small town in Holland. Listen to the ancient carillon. Marvel over the floating cellar of the Edam Museum. And, of course, stock up on Edam cheese!

Monnickendam grew up in the 11th century when monks from the St.Salvator on the Monnekemeer and the Marienburg on Marken monasteries decided to build a dam between the Gouwzee and one of the Waterland lakes: the traditional origination of many Dutch towns. Monnickendam has not been home to monks for many years but it is a rustic and unblemished Dutch town on both sides of an old town port. In the city centre is the old Speeltoren (playing tower) with the oldest playable carillon in the world. We recommend exploring Monnickendam by foot: ambling is the best way to get the most of the city’s historic splendor.


Marken Museum, Marken

The Marken Museum at Kerkbuurt 44-47 occupies four old lookhuisjes, which instead of chimneys have only an opening in the roof to let out the smoke. The museum gives a vivid impression of life on Marken as it was before the dyking of the Zuiderzee.
Location and Contact:
Kerkbuurt 44
1156BL Marken
Work +31 299601904

Historical Museum De Speeltoren, Monnickendam

Museum Speeltoren shows the old and more recent history of Waterland Monnickendam. The 16th century Speeltoren at Noordeinde 4, the tower of the old town hall, has a carillon of 18 bells (1596). It now houses a museum of antiquities from the surrounding area. The upper floor is in the permanent exhibition of the history of Monnickendam mapped with surprising and often unique items. Here you will find a collection of Archeology, Tiles and Plates & Paintings, excavations in the seventies, Speeltoren, Timeline history of Waterland Monnickendam, temporary exhibition.
Entrance fee:
Adults EUR 1.50, Children euro 0.50
Saturday: open from 11.00 - 16.30, Sunday: open from 13.00 - 16.30, Tue-Fri: open from 11.00 - 16.30
Location and Contact:
Museum de Speeltoren
Noordeinde 4
1141 AM
Tel: 0299-652203
Website: (English not available)

Marken Express, boat trips: Marken to Volendam

Volendam and Marken are neighbors on the IJsselmeer. They’re both quaint villages that are attractive and pleasant to walk through. The land route between these two towns is much longer than the sea route so there is a ferry in place to help out travelers. The thirty minute crossing may not get you there any faster but the experience will probably be more enjoyable than going by road. The one-way trip takes about 30 minutes.
Departures from Volendam: every 30/45 minutes from 11:00 till 17:30 hrs
Departures from Marken: every 30/45 minutes from 11:30 till 18:00 hrs
 Marken to Volendam

from Volendam Individual Groups
  Adults up till 11 years Adults up till 15 years up till 11 years
Volendam - Marken
(vice versa)
€ 7,50 € 4,50 € 6,25 € 5,75 € 4,00
Volendam - Marken (One-way-ticket) € 5,00 € 4,00 € 4,25 € 4,00 € 3,50
Volendam - Marken (One-way-ticket + Bycicle) € 6,00 € 5,00 n.v.t. n.v.t. n.v.t.

Location and Contact:
Marken Express
Visiting Address: Haven 39, 131 EP Volendam - Holland
Postal Address: Rederij Volendam-Marken express B.V., Postbus 32
Tel 0299363331
Fax 0299367466
1131 EP Volendam - Holland

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