Museum of the Dutch Timepiece/ The Museum of the Dutch Clock

Museum of the Dutch Timepiece/ The Museum of the Dutch Clock

This museum, established in a picturesque 17th century cottage, comprises a unique collection of historical Dutch clocks from 1500 until 1850. Specific types of clocks are exhibited in working order, divided over several cozy rooms. The collection gives an almost complete chronological survey of the evolution of Dutch clocks.

Built in the second half of the 17th century. Originally an industrial building with private dwelling house. Opened in 1976. In this museum you can see a unique collection of clocks. The clocks give a good idea of almost five thousand years of time telling. The museum contains sun-dials, table-clocks and grandfather-clocks, wall-clocks and last but not least a number of clocks that are characteristic of the Zaan-district. The Zaan-district played an important role in clock-making in the 18th century.

The Museum of The Dutch Clock in Zaandam exhibits the most complete survey of the history of the Dutch clock. An impressive collection of Dutch timepieces is situated behind this museum’s handsome 18th century bell-gable. Clocks from Zaandam, The Hague, Amsterdam and the province of Friesland form an important part of the permanent collection giving a detailed picture of the development of Dutch clocks from 1500 to 1850.

In the Netherlands there are at least three major museums which specialize in antique clocks. These are the Dutch Gold, Silver and Clock Museum in the silver-town of Schoonhoven (with a large international collection of clocks and watches), the most entertaining National Museum from Musical Clock to Street Organ in Utrecht, and last but not least the small but charming Museum of the Dutch clock in Zaandam (with its quintessential representative survey of Dutch clock history). The eighteenth century Frisian stool clock has a painted face, a lead bell fret and mermaid figures attached to the case. The museum in Zaandam owns various examples of the Frisian stool clock, like this beautiful example by Bauke Haanstra of Sneek, dated 1736.
Museum Building of the Dutch clock, Zaanse Schans, Zaandam


The collection offers a merely complete chronological overview of Dutch clocks, like the following:

Opening Hours:
March till October: Daily 10.00-16.30 hr.
November till February: Saturday and Sunday 12.00-17.00 hr.
Groups on appointment.

Museum of the Dutch Timepiece/ The Museum of the Dutch Clock
Kalverringdijk 3, Zaanse Schans
1509 BT Zaandam
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031 (0)75-6179769
Fax: 0031 (0)75-6157786
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