Museum Noorderhuis Het

Museum Noorderhuis Het in Kalverringdijk (Zaanse Schans), Zaandam

This merchant house, built in the 2nd half of the 17th century, enlarged in 1800 “neck bell façades” on the road- and Zaan-side; empire state room. The front-room of the museum is in Empire style. A restored home that features original costumes from the Zaan region in two reconstructed 19th-century rooms and a display of the wardrobe of an 18th-century lady.

This modern museum is dedicated to the socio-economic history of the Zaan region. In this museum you can see 2 period rooms, which give a good impression of the clothing worn in the end of the 18th century. A large natural model of the region is the departure point for a trip across seven "sites" assembling all sorts of objects (boots, carts, signs), each one illustrating a particular subject: the forest industry, the fire service... From the Z-watch viewpoint on the top floor there is an attractive view over the surrounding area. Onsider cruising around Zaanse Schans with Rederij de Schans on a 45min. boat ride through the River Zaan, complete with gorgeous views of overworked windmills.

History of Museum "het Noorderhuis"

Museum the Noorderhuis is a Zaans merchant traders house built in 1670. It is an exhibition of furnitures, costumes, paintings and utensils that date from a period 2 centuries later to give you an indication of how people lived in centuries past.

In 1800 owner, Jan van Bergen had the house enlarged and decorated. The lower front of the house was originally made of wood, but was in this period replaced with bricks. The dooddeur (translated dead door), was a door giving direct access to the front room from outside, it was only used for weddings and funerals.That door has now been replaced with windows, to do this they had to saw through a beam, wich is still visible. The hall which run from the front to back of the house is dated 1800, whilst the office on the right is 1870.

The main room is decorcated in the Empire Style ,around the 'bedstedes'sort of bed cupboard where the inhabitants slept. Walls were built and decorated with wooden columns painted to resemble marble. The original decorations from 1670 can still be seen inside the bed cupboards.

The last renovation was in 1914, the then owner Gerrit Jan Honig had commissioned the placement of columns by the front door and the window above the door, he also had plaque placed with the names of all the previous owners, van Bergen, Vis and Honig.

In 1915, sculptor Lucas van der Meer painted "Witjes" on the columns in the front room. These Witjes are imitation sculpture work, giving a 3D effect on a flat surface. The Witjes were named after the painter Jacob de Wit. The Noorderhuis was officially opend by Queen Juliana in 1972.

March 1st till June 30th and September 1st till October 31st:
Tuesday till Sunday 10.00-17.00 hr.
July 1st till August 31st:
Monday till Sunday 10.00-17.00 hr.
November 1st till February 28th (/29th):
Saturday and Sunday 10.00-17.00 hr.

Location and Contact:
Museum "het Noorderhuis"
Kalverringdijk (Zaanse Schans)17
1509 BT Zaandam
Tel: 075-6173237
Fax: 075 617 69 80

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