Museum of the Twentieth Century (Museum van de Twintigste Eeuw), Hoorn

Museum van de Twintigste Eeuw, Hoorn

The unique Museum of the 20th Century was opened in 1994 in two former cheese warehouses by the harbour of Hoorn. The Museum of the Twentieth Century, located in one of the few remaining cheese warehouses in Hoorn, and makes it possible to take a journey through time. Do you recognize that first television in the living room of 1965? And what about the bike in the shed?

In this Museum, young and old alike will be fascinated by the display of all kinds of developments of this century. A nostalgic journey through time with something for everyone, from grandchildren to grandparents. A scale model of Hoorn in 1650 can also be found in the warehouses. An audio visual show and the 6 x 5 metre model tell the story of Hoorn, a town which played an important role in the history of the famous Dutch East India Company, the VOC. Museum of the Twentieth Century features, next to popular temporary exhibitions, a good view of life in the last century, by means of living room scenes

Children's party at new exhibition on KinderTV : "60 Years KinderTV"

Children's party at new exhibition on KinderTV
The Museum of the Twentieth Century in Horn of shows June 1 through November 28, 2010 an exhibition of sixty years children's television in the Netherlands: "60 Years KinderTV (TV Toys traveling). In cooperation with the TV Toys museum displaying objects in wide-range of pictures and excerpts.

Permanent museum collection

The hundreds of articles and several period rooms in the Museum of the Twentieth Century to make it clear that in this century a lot has happened.

Museum in two cheese warehouses

The museum is housed in "Gouda" and "Alkmaar, two of the last Hoorn cheese warehouses, built in 1903 and until 1993 used as a cheese store, which are registered in the monument register under number 517443. Until the early 90s of the last century was a cheese store. The museum opened its doors in April 1994. In the buildings you will find a piece of authentic cheese warehouse, so that you can get an idea of how the stores used to have looked. Ranging from the first radios and vacuum cleaners to school books and games, old advertisements, the magic lantern to the first television and phonograph to the CD player. Also there is a display of old grocer shop, bakery nostalgic, living rooms and a classroom. The model Horn anno 1650 shows the city in its full glory mid-seventeenth century.
Complete Hoorn package by Museum of the Twentieth Century
Museum has an elevator and accessible for the disabled. Visit our cozy and nostalgic Museum Cafe Museum Shop! There are also twentieth century puzzles, books, toys, collectibles and dolls for kids. Complete Hoorn package from € 24, - per person includes coffee and goodies, guide, lunch, museum entrance. Arrange indoor and outdoor activities of all ages such as; Nostalgic horn arrangement with 20th Century Party Quiz.

Location and Contact
Museum of the Twentieth Century (Museum van de Twintigste Eeuw)
Bierkade 4
1621 BE Hoorn (NH)
Telefoon: 0229-214001
Fax: 0229-242089

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