Nieuw Land Poldermuseum in Lelystad

Nieuw Land Poldermuseum (Museum of the Polders)

Nieuw Land Poldermuseum (Museum of the Polders) in Lelystad relates the story of the struggle of the Dutch people against the water. How they fought the sea, built dikes, reclaimed new land: learned to live with water. Nieuw Land tells the story of the largest polder in the world in permanent and temporary exhibitions, a study centre, events and education programmes.

The museum was conceived by the architect Benthem Crouwel as a building consisting of two super imposed blocks, a symbol of the co-existence of two contrasting elements (land and water) in the creation of the polder. The unusual museum building, which marks the border between land and water, houses an exhibition with unique objects, old maps and documents, historical film and sound fragments, working scale models and interactive computer programs.

For children there is the "Playing with Water" project. A ten meter long water model gives children ample opportunity to experiment with water: to build dams and groynes, or navigate a ship through a lock. They can try their hand at dike construction an reclaim a polder, or regulate the water level in the IJsselmeer, experiment with water management in the interactive computer game or study micro-life in ditch water. Children visiting the museum are free to join the exciting treasure hint (three age categories). Another children's special is the audio tour with a funny play to enjoy.

Historical documentaries about the land reclamation works in the former Zuyder Zee can be shown in the auditorium on request. For foreign visitors there are free translations of the exhibition tour available in English, German, French, Japanese and Chinese. Audio tours can be hired at a smell consideration in the Dutch, English and German languages.

Nieuw Land Poldermuseum offers special arrangements for groups. Our expert guides take groups of up to 25 people for a tour around the museum. Please ask for particulars at our information desk.

The museum restaurant, where coffee, tea, lunches, etc. are served, is open to the public. Complete dinners and hot and cold buffets are served on arrangement.

Nieuw Land museum archives and museum collections of the history of the Dutch province of Flevoland

Nieuw Land presents and preserves the larger part of the archives and museum collections of Flevoland: a broad outline of the history of the Dutch province of Flevoland. That fascinating history goes back in time much further than often imagined. The collections of Nieuw Land include six thousand year old archaeological finds from the days when Flevoland was still an extensive marshland. A great deal has been preserved from later periods also. The collections of Nieuw Land are really unique because of their wealth of information about the Zuyder Zee Project, the closure and reclamation of the Zuyder Zee and the development of 165,000 ha. new land. Archives with thousands of documents, photographs, films and soundtracks, implements, equipment, engravings and paintings are evidence of this largest ever land reclamation project.

Nieuw Land Poldermuseum (Museum of the Polders) Permanent Exhibition

This museum has a permanent exhibition on the engineering works of the Zuiderzee. The history of the fight against the water and living with the water is told there with the aid of historic films, sound tapes, models and interactive computer programmes. As well as fishing, trade and the floods, the geological evolution and the old cultures are described there. A large section is dedicated to the construction of the dykes, to the draining of the new polders and their first inhabitants.
Nieuw Land Poldermuseum in Lelystad

Batavia Stad

Batavia Stad is a walled, fortified town with attractive streets and alleys, squares and frontages, and is built of natural materials such as stone and wood. Three strikingly designed gateways in the wall provide access to the town.

Just opposite Nieuw Land Poldermuseum (Museum of the Polders) are more attractions that, together with Nieuw Land, give colour to this special spot on the boundary of land and water. The Batavia yard is widely known because of the authentic reconstruction of the seventeenth-century East Indiaman, the Batavia. The flagship of Admiral Michiel de Ruyter, De 7 Provinciën, is currently being reconstructed at the yard. More details: The Batavia Shipyard in Lelystad - 17th century Dutch shipbuilding

Next to the yard, on the same site, The National Service for Cultural Heritage Lelystad (RCE Lelystad) has found its home. This institute is the national knowledge centre for maritime archaeology. The Batavia Stad outlet shopping centre attracts over a million visitors to the coast of Lelystad every year. This first shopping centre of its kind in the Netherlands offers top brands of clothing, accessories, etc. at large discounts in some 70 shops. Also dont miss nearby the Aviodrome, with its very large collection of historic planes, is a unique aviation theme park & museum at Lelystad Airport and is opened year round.

Lelystad has its own inland port, several marinas and canals that also help to manage the water levels in the polder. One of these lakes is called Zuigerplas, which means "Sucker-lake": it is so named because it is in a hollow that was made by a suction dredger taking sand from the wrong place; near it is a wood called Zuigerplasbos. A hundred metres south of Nieuw Land is Port Batavia, the home base of a few dozen historic ships of the Hanzestad Company: original Zuyder Zee smacks, tjalks and barges, but also splendid three-masted ships.

Tuesday to Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 11.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. During school holidays also on Mondays.

Location and Contact:
Nieuw Land Poldermuseum (Museum of the Polders)
Nieuw Land
Oostvaardersdijk 01-13
P.O. Box 73
8200 AB Lelystad, the Netherlands (a 40 minute drive from Amsterdam and Utrecht, situated along the IJsselmeer (the former Zuyder Zee) near the Batavia Yard (reconstruction of 17th century Dutch ships) and the Batavia Stad outlet shopping centre)
Tel: +31 (0) 320 260799
Fax +31 (0) 320 260436
E-mail: and

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