OmmeleBommele stone

It is said that you can see the figure of an old lady reading the Bible in the light of the lighthouse of Urk. The stork as a baby-bringer is unknown on the island of Urk; the local babies grow on the OmmeleBommele stone which sticks out of the water at a spot not far from the island.

Another tale:

When a young man from Urk was on his way to his ship one evening he saw a little dog. He picked it up and took it into his arms. But the animal grew bigger and bigger, heavier and heavier, until it was as big as a calf. So he threw it down to the ground, in fright. The creature continued to follow him, until he was on board. Later the boy realised that the little dog, that had seemed so sweet at first sight was, in actual fact, the devil.

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