Pewter Workshop “De Tinkoepel” - Traditional Teahouse and Pewter Foundries

Pewter Workshop “De Tinkoepel” - Traditional Teahouse and Pewter Foundries

On the left-hand side of the Clock-museum is a small teahouse. In the eighteenth century many merchants had tea-rooms like this at the back of their houses on the river Zaan. During the summer it was used for drinking tea and relaxing. This tea-room has Rococo-ornaments. The spade on the arms is the symbol of the family who first owned this building. The garden, in the French style, gives an idea of a back-garden of a merchant house in the Zaan-Region.

A tin pewter foundry known as De Tinkoepel is a great place to see pewter making demonstrations, weather permitting. It's located in an 18th century listed teahouse and looks teeny tiny from outside but be prepared to be amazed by the tardis like qualities within selling a great assortment of pewter gifts. Eighteenth century with Rococo decorations; in the armorial bearings a count is pictured, that is a sharp spade, symbol of the family Graftdijk.

The Tinkoepel is one of the few remaining traditional pewter foundries left in the Netherlands. All products are cast and finished by hand. Authentic bronze moulds are used the oldest of which dates from 1697. In the charming 18th century tea house at the beginning of the Kalverringdijk daily demonstrations are given. The Tinkoepel has an enormous range of pewter products for sale here, the largest to be found in the Netherlands.
Pewter Workshop “De Tinkoepel” - Traditional Teahouse and Pewter Foundries on the river Zaan
Pewter has been made in the Netherlands since the Bronze Age (1900 BC) for the manufacture of utensils and weapons. Pewter is a silver-gray metal. It is soft, elastic and malleable. Nowadays pewter products are made with a minimum of 92% pewter topped up with antimony, (a silvery white metal to make the pewter harder), and eventually a little copper (to make it tougher), This alloy is known as Pewter, although in the Netherlands it is known as ‘tin’. You can buy this traditional craft from them.

Location and Contact:
De Tinkoepel Tinnegieterij
Pewterfoundry Since 1898
Kalverringdijk 1 (Zaanse Schans)
1509 BT Zaandam, The Netherlands
Tel +31 (0)75 6176204
Fax +31 (0)75 6162263

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