Poster museum (Affiche Dutch Poster Museum), Hoorn

Poster museum (Affiche Dutch Poster Museum), Hoorn

Over the years, Hoorn has collected many old and new treasures. These can be found in its seven museums, of which the West Frisian Museum is the oldest. The building itself, an exceptional example of Renaissance art, is well worth a visit. Close to this “old giant” is the most recent museum acquisition: the first poster museum in the Netherlands, with a changing display of advertising placards and posters through the ages.

Display posters of famous artists and graphic designers with different formats, portrait and landscape show posters. A few meters away from the Westfries Museum, the Museum of the 20th century and the art center Boterhal. Besides the permanent collection with a list of "100 years Dutch posters, there are temporary exhibitions with different theme are on display.
Various collection of posters at Poster museum, Hoorn
The poster museum offers an overview and display the history of Dutch and foreign posters. In the classic Water Estates offers both advertising posters, political and promotional events. On the first floor there is a selection of posters from the Dutch special poster history.

First World War posters are also on display. Recently England, Italy, Austria / Hungary and the United States joined an exhibition entitled "The World War, 1914-1918 posters. The posters show how the people were deceived by the enemy and how the soldiers in a wave of patriotism to be carried along.

1st Jan 2010 - 31 Dec 2010, tu-we-th-fr, 11:00-17:00
1st Jan 2010 - 31 Dec 2010, sa-su, 12:00-17:00

Adults: 3.50 euros
65+: 2,50 euro 65 +: 2.50 EUR
CJP: 1,75 euro
6 to 16 years: 1.75 EUR
Under 6 years: free
Museum: 2.50
Groups of 10 persons: 10% discount and groups of 20 persons: 20% discount.
Classroom Guided: 1.75 euros per person
Guided tours on request.

Location and Contact:
Poster museum (Affiche Dutch Poster Museum)
Grote Oost 2-4
1621 BW Hoorn
From the station in the centre of the town of Hoorn and follow the direction pointer to the museum.
Phone: 0229 1929 1998 1946
Fax: 0229 1929 1989 1930
Website: (English not available yet)

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