Radboud Castle (Kasteel Radboud) and Museum, Medemblik

Radboud Castle (Kasteel Radboud) and Museum, Medemblik

Medemblik is the smallest but oldest of the West Frisian towns. Count Floris the Fifth granted Medemblik city rights as far back as 1289. Count Floris V had a stronghold built at the border of the Almere (now IJsselmeer) in the 13th century. The fortress formed part of a series of strongholds he had built to keep the Westfrisians under control. The only stronghold preserved is the castle at Medemblik.

At the end of the 13th century, Count Floris V of Holland (1256-1296) ordered the construction of a series of castles to control the Westfrisian population. Radboud Castle is the only one remaining of those castles. Of this coercion castle only 2 residential wings, 2 square and one round tower are still standing. When, between 1573 and 1578, the town of Medemblik built citywalls the castle lost its function and gradually fell into decay. From 1661 till 1734 the great hall at the southwestern side was used as a Reformed church and the square tower at the west side was rebuild as a belltower.

These days Medemblik Castle is better known as Radboud Castle. The name suggests that it was founded by the ancient Frisian King Radboud (8th c.), whose name was related to the castle in a legend, which was published in a chronicle in 1517. Indeed, there are historical facts showing us possibilities of the presence of an older ancient fortress before the castle was built. But evidence of any connection to King Radboud is not known.

From 1897 till 1934 the castle was used as a courthouse. In 1936 the moat was cleared which showed the original groundplan more clearly. In the sixties another major restoration was carried out in which some fantasized additions from the earlier restoration were removed.
Medemblik Castle is better known as Radboud Castle - excellent view
While visiting Radboud Castle, you can see a tapestry showing why Floris V had Radboud Castle built. Through animations you will be shown how people lived in the Middle Ages, wat they ate, drank, how they made their clothes, how war was waged and how a castle was built.

Nowadays Radboud Castle has a cultural and educational function and is used as a museum-castle with expositions. Since the 1990's the main hall ('Knight's Hall') has had a function as a wedding-hall. In the cellar, where the entrance is situated, you will find a tavern, where visitors may have a refreshment.

In the winter there is always a series of ( narrative ) concerts . During the summer there are medieval living history weekend with the Federation of Christopher Group. A visit at the castle is worthwhile for the children as well. Through an organized hunt they can discover the castle and be amazed about the way people lived in a castle in the Middle Ages.

The exhibition can be reached by climbing a spiral staircase in the wall of the tower is made . A little shudder in prison and then descend to the armory where a district court from the beginning of the last century has been reconstructed .

1 jan 2010-31 to dec 2010: sun from 14:00-17:00
1 may 2010 to 15 sep 2010: mo-we-th-sa from 11:00-17:00

Location and Contact:
Visiting Address: Kasteel Radboud, Oudevaartsgat 8, 1671 HM Medemblik
Postal Address: PO Box 105, 1670 AC Medemblik
Tel: 0227 541 960
Fax: 0227-542924
Party Catering at Castle Radboud
Eastern Basin 1
1671 AA Medemblik
T : 0227 543 844
Email: i...@kasteelradboud.nl
Web: http://www.kasteelradboud.nu/

Further reading:
History Of Medemblik Radboud Castle (Kasteel Radboud) and Museum: http://home.planet.nl/~dijkh287/kastelen/ukpag/meduk1.htm

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