The Regatta Center, Medemblik

Delta Lloyd Regatta: ISAF Sailing World Cup, Medemblik

The Regatta Center Medemblik is hosting the World Championships. The foundation for the Center was laid in 1998 and it was officially opened in 1999. The Center is very successful and highly praised by its users. This is the international sailing center used for many world renowned sailing events leading up to for example the Olympics.

Medemblik has always been the center of regatta sailing in the Netherlands. It is the home port and main venue to many international events such as the Breitling Regatta and European or World Championships in various classes, but also to events for the bigger yachts such as the 24 Hour Regatta.

The sheltered harbour, the picturesque and inviting city center as well as the world class Regatta Committees have all contributed to Medembliks success as harbour town! Next to the sailing there's a general purpose marina, and a restaurant. The match racing and the Medal Races is held just outside the marina’s breakwater, in full view of spectators at the sailing center. Medal Races is televised live on a big screen at the sailing center and another in the center of Medemblik. Medemblik also host a street festival over the weekend of May 30 – 31.
Medemblik Harbour (Regatta Center) at night , Medemblik

SPA Regatta became Delta Lloyd Regatta

The first Olympic sailing regatta in Medemblik took place in 1985, and through the years became one of world's best Olympic sailing regattas with over 1,100 participants from more than 50 countries regularly attending. Initially known as the SPA Regatta, the event became the Delta Lloyd Regatta in 2008. The regatta is well-known for various introduced innovations examples of which are: separate classes for women (470 and Mistral); prize money; shorter courses that resulted in more races; and coloured spots to identify leading competitors with more than 650 Olympic and Paralympic sailors from 51 countries competing in 11 events. Delta Lloyd has committed to sponsoring the Dutch Olympic Sailing Team through 2012 and will showcase the Olympic sailing program.

In 2009 Delta Lloyd Regatta doubles as the fifth of the seven events which make up the first year of the ISAF Sailing World Cup. In 2010, the Delta Lloyd Regatta is the fifth of seven events in the second edition of the ISAF Sailing World Cup. During the Delta Lloyd Regatta a Notice Board will be used by the organisation to post notices, protest and other useful information (Notice to Competitors, Protest Time, Rule 42, Protest Notices, Matchracen and other Misc).

Location and Contact:
Delta Lloyd Regatta
PO Box 90466, Medemblik
Tel + 31 20 579 5400
Fax + 31 20 579 5401

International Sailing Federation (ISAF)

International Sailing Federation (ISAF) holds the definitive series for Olympic and Paralympic sailing hopefuls. ISAF is the governing body for the sport of sailing. It provides information on World Standings, Race Officials, Sailors, Olympic Classes. ISAF Official Supplier, PSP Worldwide Logistics has published a set of shipping guidelines as part of their commitment to the sport of sailing and the marine industry.

After twenty successful editions of the SPA Regatta, there are many highlights to look back on. The Holland Regatta is well-known for various introduced innovations that were subsequently adopted by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF, formally known as the IYRU). Examples are: separate classes for women (470 and Mistral); prize money; shorter courses that resulted in more races; coloured spots to identify leading competitors.

Fremantle will “come alive” during December 2011 when the eyes of the sailing world fix their sights on Western Australia’s historic port city as the world’s best sailors battle for World Championship and future Olympic glory just meters off the water’s edge along the Fremantle coastline. The Perth 2011 Event hub will be located at the Esplanade in Fremantle, where a public village will allow spectators to enjoy onshore elements and expand their knowledge of the Event, its importance to the 2012 London Olympic Games and the sport of sailing. The public village will become the heart of the Event due to its centrality to the various boat parks and it is just minutes from the Perth 2011 Medal Course in Bathers Bay, which is now known as Centre Course. The dates of the Perth 2011 ISAF Sailing World Championships are 3-18 December 2011. More info visit: International Sailing Federation (ISAF), Medemblik
 International Sailing Center Medemblik (ISCM)

Regatta Office: International Sailing Center Medemblik (ISCM)

The International Sailing Center Medemblik is situated at the northern part of the venue close to the harbour entrance. Already in the old days, Medemblik was the Dutch regatta center. It is the home base for many international sailing events, such as the Holland Regatta, European and World Championships in several classes, and of yachting events like the 24-hours race. This reputation and position is due to the sheltered location at the windward shore of the IJsselmeer, to the attraction of the historical city of Medemblik, and to the effort of various organizing committees of sailing events. During the Holland Regatta, the ISCM will be the regatta office including the protest rooms. The racing area is non-tidal and has fresh water. In addition to a harbour and a sailing center, the venue offers a restaurant and a water sports store. The regatta office inside the ISCM will be opened for registration.

Location and Contact:
The Regatta Office, Medemblik is located in the Café-Restaurant Bestevaer.
Regatta Office International Sailing Center Medemblik (ISCM)

Vooroever 1
1671 SG Medemblik
Harbour: Regatta Center Medemblik
Phone +31 (0)227-570 305
Fax +31 (0)227-570 345
The Regatta Office of Z.V.Workum is located at ‘De Punt’, phone 0515-542311 or phone 06-4034-5320.

The Royal Yacht Club (RYC) Hollandia/ KZ&RV Hollandia Regatta for the OK Dinghy, Phantom and Solo class

The Royal Yacht Club (RYC) Hollandia or KZ&RV Hollandia is founded in 1882. The Club has a rowing and a sailing department. The main goal of the Yacht club is organizing rowing and sailing regatta's. The Royal Yacht Club Hollandia decided to organize a Finn Gold Cup in 1963 there and decided a year later to move all sailing activities to Medemblik. After this move to Medemblik we organized more and more important regatta's. Nowadays we organize approximately 50 days of racing , most European or World championships for Olympic or other National or International classes. All people in our Race Committees are volunteers, who are doing the job aside of their normal work. 26 years ago RYC Hollandia was one of the partners who decided to organize every year a big regatta for the Olympic Classes. The Regatta, known as the SPA Regatta for 20 years, is now one of the Regatta's of the ISAF World Cup and is nowadays called the Delta Lloyd Regatta.

The Royal Yacht Club Hollandia took place in the 2010 Spring Regatta for the OK Dinghy, Phantom and Solo class, which was held from 30 April till 2 May 2010, inclusive and will be sailed on the IJsselmeer off Medemblik, the Netherlands. The Organizing Authority is the Royal Yacht Club Hollandia. The sailing instructions also available after at the Regatta Office located in the International Sailing Center Medemblik. Boats cab be kept in their assigned places in the boat park. More info on the Internet at:

United 4 Sailing Regatta, Medemblik

United 4 Sailing is a platform for youth sailing, in particular youth regatta sailing to promote the youth sailing sport by organising national and international sailing regattas. Each year United 4 Sailing organize four events in the Netherlands on locations representative for international sailing. The United 4 Sailing regattas serve as a selection tool for the several classes for participation in important international events such as European - and World championships. The United 4 Regatta for the classes 29er, 420, 470, Cadet, Europe, Laser 4.7, Laser Radiaal, Laser Standaard, Optimist and Splash is organized by the Stichting United 4 Sailing, in conjunction with KZ&RV Hollandia, WSV Hoorn, ZV Workum, VW De Twee Provinciën, ZC Kurenpolder, WV Breskens and Royal Yacht Club van België. The race area is approximate position of the center of each course, from buoy H2-W1: Course Area A: 318º at a distance of 0.8 NM, Course Area B: 304º at a distance of 2.0 NM, and Course Area C: 230º at a distance of 1.0 NM. Information on locations and sailing instructions will be published before each event on this website. You can find the United 4 Sailing regatta, Medemblik on the Internet.
United 4 Sailing Regatta, Medemblik



All participants shall park their boats and road-trailers on the premises of the harbour Regatta Center Medemblik. Cars shall be parked in the designated parking areas near the Regatta Office. No cars are allowed at the dinghy park. Please follow the beach master’s and the harbour master's instructions at all times.


Regulations in the Netherlands prohibit sleeping in campers and caravans parked along public roads or in public car parks. On the designated area on the premises of the harbour RCM campers sleeping in caravans or campers with a tent is allowed, provided a fee of Euro 15.00 / weekend for each tent, caravan or camper or € 2.50 per person per night (tourists tax) will be paid to the City of Medemblik. The camping fee is Euro 15.00 / weekend for each tent, caravan or camper, small additional tents are free. Electricity, only a limited number of sockets is available.


Competitors shall make their own housing arrangements.For information on accommodation, contact Medemblik Tourist Office.


Laser's are launching at the beach south of the harbour. From the A7, follow exit Abbekerk, and proceed to ISCM, oposite of the bungalowpark Zuiderzee. All other boats launch at the slipway. Please follow the directions of the beach masters. For visiting boats, non-committee boats will be charged the normal harbour fees. Report to the harbormaster, Bob Hanenberg: tel 0227-547781.


Can be launched on Friday free of charge from the slipway at the Vooroever. On Saturday, you can only launch at the slipway in the Pekelharinghaven or after payment of Euro 15.00, you can use the fixed crane with your own lifting cables. RIB mooring only at the designated pontoons.

Directions to Medemblik Regatta Center

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