Mill 'Roosmolen De Hercules' (Rose mill The Hercules), Zaandijk

'Roosmolen De Hercules' (Rose mill The Hercules), Zaandijk

'Roosmolen De Hercules' (Rose mill The Hercules) is an unmanned steal pumping engine, which is also called the rose mill because of the shape of the wind wheel.

The Hercules takes care of the water level in the Kalverpolder, situated behind the mill. The superfluous polder water is being drained into the Ringvaart. This is done by a jack, a huge kind of screw in the concrete substructure (jack column) of the mill.

The wind wheel is driving the jack. 'Roosmolen De Hercules' (Rose mill The Hercules) in Zaandijk is an American mill, built in 1922. During 1995-1996, the restoration of the mill rose Hercules completed. Zaandijk is a town in the Dutch province of North Holland. It is a part of the municipality of Zaanstad, and lies about 11 km northwest of Amsterdam.

The big head blade and the little side blade make that the mill position adjust itself to the wind speed. The wind engine is an American invention that is taken in production in the Nederlands since 1910 and common applied here. The wind engines were made in several sizes. The Hercules is with 30 blades one of a heavy size Because of the modern pumping techniques, characteristic mills like this one have become a seldom mark of identification in the landscape.

The Hercules is a protected monument of industry and technique.
After restoration 'Roosmolen De Hercules' (Rose mill The Hercules) in Zaandijk
An American mill - 'Roosmolen De Hercules' (Rose mill The Hercules) in Zaandijk. This image is after restoration.
Visiting hours and others details info about Mill 'Roosmolen De Hercules' (Rose mill The Hercules) in Zaandijk, Zaanstad, Zaandam; Visit: Click here

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