Royal House of the Netherlands and Grand-Ducal House of Luxembourg

The Dutch Royal Family and Royal House of the Netherlands

The daughters of Queen Juliana bear the titles Princess of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, Princess zur Lippe-Biesterfeld (Royal Highness). The sons of Queen Beatrix bear the titles Prince of the Netherlands, Prince of Orange-Nassau, Jonkheer van Amsberg (Royal Highness). The sons of Princess Margriet bear the titles Prince of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven (Highness).

WILLEM IV Karel Hendrik Friso, Pr of Nassau-Dietz, Pr of Orange, confirmed as Hereditary Stattholder of the United Provinces (the Netherlands) 4 May 1747 (Leeuwarden 1 Sep 1711-The Hague 22 Oct 1751); m.St.James's Palace 25 Mar 1734 Anne, Pss Royal of Great Britain, Ireland and Hannover, etc (Hannover 2 Nov 1709-The Hague 12 Jan 1759)

1a) Karolina (Leeuwarden 28 Feb 1743-Kirchheimbolanden 6 May 1787); m.The Hague 5 Mar 1760 Karl Christian Fst von Nassau-Weilburg (Weilburg 16 Jan 1735-Münster-Dreyssen, nr Kirchheim 28 Nov 1788)

2a) Anna (15 Nov 1746-29 Dec 1746)

3a) WILLEM V Batavus, Pr of Nassau-Dietz, Pr of Orange, Stattholder of the Netherlands (The Hague 8 Mar 1748-Braunschweig 9 Apr 1806); m.Berlin 4 Oct 1767 Wilhelmine Pss of Prussia (Berlin 7 Aug 1751-Het Loo 9 Jun 1820)

1b) Frederika Luise Wilhelmina (The Hague 28 Nov 1770-The Hague 15 Oct 1819); m.The Hague 14 Oct 1790 Karl, Hereditary Pr of Braunschweig (London 8 Feb 1766-Antoinettenruh 20 Sep 1806)

2b) WILLEM I Frederik, King of the Netherlands and Duke of Luxemburg 16 Mar 1815, Grand Duke of Luxemburg 9 Jun 1815 (The Hague 24 Aug 1772-Berlin 12 Dec 1843); m.1st Berlin 1 Oct 1791 Wilhelmine Pss of Prussia (Potsdam 18 Nov 1774-The Hague 12 Oct 1837); m.2d Berlin 17 Feb 1841 Css Henriette d'Oultremont de Wegimont, cr Css of Nassau (Maastricht 28 Feb 1792-Schloß Rahe 26 Oct 1864)

1c) WILLEM II Frederik Georg Lodewijk, King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxemburg (The Hague 6 Dec 1792-Tillburg 7 Mar 1849); m.Winter Palace, St. Petersburg 21 Feb 1816 Anna, Grand Dss of Russia (St.Petersburg 18 Jan 1795-The Hague 1 Mar 1865)

1d) WILLEM III Alexander Paul Frederik Lodewijk, King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxemburg (Brussels 19 Feb 1817-Het Loo 23 Nov 1890); m.1st Stuttgart 18 Jun 1839 Sophie Pss of Württemberg (Stuttgart 17 Jun 1818-The Hague 3 Jun 1877); m.2d Arolsen 7 Jan 1879 Emma Pss zu Waldeck und Pyrmont (Arolsen 2 Aug 1858-The Hague 20 Mar 1934)

1e) Willem Nicolaas Alexander Frederik Karel Hendrik, Pr of Orange (The Hague 4 Sep 1840-Paris 11 Jun 1879)

2e) Willem Frederik Maurits Alexander Hendrik Karel (The Hague 15 Sep 1843-The Hague 4 Jun 1850)

3e) Willem Alexander Karel Hendrik Frederik, Pr of Orange (The Hague 25 Aug 1851- The Hague 21 Jun 1884)

4e) WILHELMINA Helena Pauline Maria, Queen of the Netherlands, abdicated 4 Sep 1948 (The Hague 31 Aug 1880-Het Loo 28 Nov 1962); m.The Hague 7 Feb 1901 Heinrich, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (Schwerin 19 Apr 1876-The Hague 3 Jul 1934)

1f) JULIANA Luise Emma Marie Wilhelmina, Queen of the Netherlands, abdicated30 Apr 1980 (The Hague 30 Apr 1909-Soestdijk 20 Mar 2004); m.The Hague 7 Jan 1937 Bernhard Pr zur Lippe-Biesterfeld (Jena 29 Jun 1911-Utrecht 1 Dec 2004)

1g) BEATRIX Wilhelmina Armgard, Queen of the Netherlands (b.SoestdijkPalace 31 Jan 1938); m.Amsterdam 10 Mar 1966 Claus van Amsberg (Dötzingen 6 Sep 1926-Amsterdam 6 Oct 2002)

1h) Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand, Crown Prince of the Netherlands (b.Utrecht 27 Apr 1967); m.Amsterdam 2 Feb 2002 Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti (b.Buenos Aires 17 May 1971)

1i) Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria (b.7 Dec 2003)

2i ) Alexia Juliana Marcela Laurentien (b.The Hague 26 Jun 2005)

2h) Johan Friso Bernhard Christian David; after marrying without consent of Parliament he lost the title "Prince of the Netherlands" and now bears the titles "Prince and Count of Orange-Nassau" (b.Utrecht 25 Sep 1968); m.Delft 24 Apr 2004 Mabel Wisse Smit (b.Pijnacker 11 Aug 1968)

1i) Emma Luana Ninette Sophie Css van Oraplace>Nassau (b.London 26 Mar 2005)

2i) Joanna Zaria Nicoline Milou Css van Oranje-Nassau (b.London 18 Jun 2006)

3h) Constantijn Christof Frederik Aschwin (b.Utrecht 11 Oct 1969); m.The Hague 17 May 2001 (rel)19 May 2001 Petra Laurentien Brinkhorst (b.Leiden25 May 1966)

1i) Eloise Sophie Beatrix Laurence, Css van Oranje-Nassau, jonkvrouwe van Amsberg (b.The Hague 8 June 2002)

2i) Claus-Casimir Bernhard Marius Max, Ct van Oranje-Nassau, jonkheer van Amsberg (b.The Hague21 Mar 2004)

3i) Leonore Marie Irene Enrica Css van Oranje-Nassau, Jonkvrouw van Amsberg (b.The Hague 3 Jun 2006)

2g) Irene Emma Elisabeth; after her divorce she was accorded the title Princess zur Lippe-Biesterfeld, though apparently she does not use it (b.SoestdijkPalace 5 Aug 1939); m.Borghese Chapel, Rome 29 Apr 1964 (div 1981) Carlos Hugo Pr of Bourbon-Parma (b.Paris 8 Apr 1930)

3g) Margriet Francisca (b.Ottawa 19 Jan 1943); m.The Hague 10 Ja1967 Pieter van Vollenhoven (b.Schiedam 30 Apr 1939)

1h) Maurits Willem Pieter Hendrik (b.Utrecht 17 Apr 1968); m.Apeldoorn 30 May 1998 Marie Hélène (Marilène) van den Broek (b.Dieren 4 Feb 1970)

1i) Anastasia (Anna) Margriet Joséphine van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven (b.Amsterdam 15 Apr 2001)

2i) Lucas Maurits Pieter Henri van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven (b.Amsterdam 26 Oct 2002)

Felicia Juliana Bénedicte Barbara van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven (b.Amsterdam 31 May 2005)

2h) Bernhard Lucas Emanuel (b.Utrecht 25 Dec 1969); m.Utrecht (civ) 6 Jul 2000 (rel) 8 Jul 2000 Annette Sekrève (b.The Hague 18 Apr 1972)

1i) Isabella Lily Juliana van Vollenhoven (b.Amsterdam14 May 2002)

2i) Samuel Bernhard Louis van Vollenhoven (b.Amsterdam 25 May 2004)

3h) Pieter Christiaan Michiel (b.Nijmegen 22 Mar 1972); m.Apeldoorn 25 Aug 2005 (rel) Noordwijk 27 Aug 2005 Anita Theodora van Eijk (b.Neuchâtel, Switzerland 27 Oct 1969)

1i) Emma Francisca Catharina van Vollenhoven (b.Amsterdam
28 Nov 2006)

4h) Floris Frederik Martijn (b.Nijmegen 10 Apr 1975); m.Naarden 20 Oct 2005 (rel) 22 Oct 2005 Aimée Leonie Allegonde Marie Söhngen (b.Amsterdam 18 Oct 1977)

4g) Maria Christina (b.SoestdijkPalace 18 Feb 1947); m.Utrecht 28 Jun 1975 (div 1996) Jorge Guillermo (b.Havana 1 Aug 1946)

1h) Bernardo Frederico Tomas Guillermo, b.Utrecht 17 Jun 1977

2h) Nicholas Daniel Maurice Guillermo, b.Utrecht 6 Jul 1979

3h) Juliana Edenia Antonia Guillermo, b.Utrecht 8 Oct 1981

2d) Willem Alexander Frederik Constantijn Nicolaas Michiel (Soestdijk Palace 2 Aug 1818- Mantua [per one source] or Madeira [per another] 20 Feb 1848)

3d) Willem Frederik Hendrik (Soestdijk Palace 13 Jun 1820-Wolferdingen, Luxemburg 14 Jan 1879); m.1st Weimar 9 May 1853 Amelie Pss of Saxe-Weimar (Ghent 20 May 1830- Wolferdingen 1 May 1872); m.2d Potsdam 24 Aug 1878 Marie Pss of Prussia (Marmorpalais 14 Sep 1855-Schloß Albrechtsberg 20 Jun 1888)

4d) Willem Alexander Ernst Frederik Casimir (Brussels [per one source] or Soestdjk [per another] 21 May 1822-Brussels 22 Oct 1822)

5d) Wilhelmina Maria Sophie Louise (The Hague 8 Apr 1824-Weimar 23 Mar 1897); m.The Hague 8 Oct 1842 Karl Alexander, Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar (Weimar 24 Jun 1818-Weimar 5 Jan 1901)

2c) Willem Frederik Karel (Berlin 28 Feb 1797-Pauw Haus, Wassenaer 8 Sep 1881); m.Berlin 21 May 1825 Luise Pss of Prussia (Berlin 1 Feb 1808-Pauw Haus 6 Dec 1870)

1d) Wilhelmina Frederika Alexandrine Anna Louisa (The Hague 5 Aug 1828-Stockholm 30 Mar 1871); m.Stockholm 19 Jun 1850 King Carl XV of Sweden (Stckholm 3 May 1826-Malmo 18 Sep 1872)

2d) Willem Frederik Nicolaas Karel (The Hague 6 Jul 1833-The Hague 1 Nov 1834)

3d) Willem Frederik Nicolaas Albert (The Hague 22 Aug 1836-there 23 Jan 1846)

4d) Wilhelmina Frederika Alexandrine Anna Louise Marie (Pauw Haus 5 Jul 1841-Neuwied 22 Jun 1910); m.Wassanaer 18 Jul 1871 Wilhelm Fst zu Wied (Neuwied 22 Aug 1845-Neuwied 22 Oct 1907)

3c) Wilhelmina Frederika Louise Pauline Charlotte (Berlin 1 Mar 1800-Freienwalde 20 Dec 1806)

4c) Wilhelmina Frederika Louise Charlotte Marianne (Berlin 9 May 1810-Reinhartshausen 29 May 1883); m.1st The Hague 14 Sep 1830 (div 1849) Albrecht Pr of Prussia (Königsberg 4 Oct 1809-Berlin 14 Oct 1872); m.2d Johan van Rossum

3b) Wllem Georg Frederik (The Hague 15 Feb 1774-Padua6 Jan 1799)

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