Schuttevaer Passenger Sailing vessel (Zeilschip Schuttevaer), Enkhuizen and Hoorn

Schuttevaer Passenger Sailing vessel (Zeilschip Schuttevaer), Enkhuizen & Hoorn

Sail from Enkhuizen - Hoorn by Schuttevaer Passenger Sailing vessel (Zeilschip Schuttevaer). Enjoy with a cup of coffee from the sailing Grand Café. Fine seating areas scattered throughout the ship. Sailing will take you to the beautiful ports of Hoorn and Enkhuizen. Everything for an unforgettable day out for young and old.

You may combine the tour with enjoying around Hoorn. With fleet of boats they provide both round trips and party cruises the whole year through. Boats are covered-in and have a heating system, though with good weather the roof panels and the side windows are of course wide-open. During the voyage they will tell you all about the hidden beauties of the city and about historic and modern places of interest.

Outside the Summer Sailing this Schuttevaer service exclusively for groups. You can compose a wonderful day sailing for example, your company, family reunion, training, special birthday. Besides, the ship unique wedding location for the town.

Vessel's Details

About Schuttevaer

Shipping Company Schuttevaer has boats for tours and party ships suitable for large and small private groups. If you want to charter a boat for your family or company we can offer you a wide range of possible excursions; we sail not only in Utrecht, Nieuwegein and IJsselstein but we also navigate over the Kromme Rijn to Rhijnauwen.

Also make sailings over the beautiful river Vecht which flows from Utrecht to Amsterdam; we can make stops in Oud Zuilen (by castle Slot Zuilen), Maarssen, Breukelen, Loenen, en Vreeland. This arrangement is available for both groups and individuals. On board they have pleasure in offering catering facilities varying from drinks and Dutch snacks to lunches, high teas and buffet meals. More Details:
Sail from Enkhuizen - Hoorn by Schuttevaer Passenger Sailing vessel (Zeilschip Schuttevaer)
Location at Horn
E Island, Port Horn

Location at Enkhuizen
TVB, near train station (free parking)


Departure City



Enkhuizen -
10.30 hours 13.30 hours
Hoorn -
15.45 hours 18.30 hours



Children upto 12 years

Single € 18.50 € 9.25

Retour Return

€ 30 € 15
€ 7  

Combined tickets with Tramway Museum is also possible.

VVV Enkhuizen and Hoorn Tourist Office
Between Two Ports 1
Phone: 0228-313164
Mobile: 06-22701749
More info:

Coming to Enkhuizen over the IJssel or Marker meer

Enkhuizen is also part of a popular transport triangle. From Medemblik by boat to Enkhuizen, by electric train on to Hoorn from where the old touristic steamtrain again takes you to Medemblik. Enkhuizen is a historic harbour town, so what nicer way you could enter then by (sail)boat. Many people do so, coming to Enkhuizen over the IJssel- or Marker meer (meer = lake). However, for the less fortunate, Enkhuizen has an exceptional possibility for (car drivers to also arrive in this harbor town from the water. A 28 kilometer long dike stretches straight through the waters of the IJssel- and Marker- lake, coming from Lelystad. Definitely a recommendation for foreigners that seek the impressions of "Holland, country under the sea".

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