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Tidjoori vegan food

tidjoori vegan food Tidjoori is the brand name of our product line of all Vegan and BIO/ Organic products. We of Tidjoori, know how challenging it is to find healthy Vegan foods especially moving around from country to country.

Holland Private Tour

Holland Private Tour Escape the tourists and go local! Head out into the Dutch countryside. In just minutes, you'll find yourself riding along century-old dikes, eating pancakes in tiny villages, look to the horizon across the flat lush green fields with cows and step back in history looking at the homes of Holland's 17th century rich and famous. We've mapped out a few inspiring tours - but feel...

Shuem Healing

StefanWils Shamanic Healing is an effective way of healing, as the healer makes use of wider states of consciousness. Shuem provides energy healing technique, spiritual healing through online and much more. To know more about online meditation services, visit us online. Contact Details: Shuem Healing Stefan Wils Dijksgracht 17 B Amsterdam Noord-Holland Pin code 1019BT Netherlands Phone...

in2health - Nutrition, sports and mental wellbeing

in2health - Nutrition, sports and mental wellbeing Balance your life! An online magazine in dutch about food, health, sports and mental wellbeing

Royal Theatre Carre

Royal Theatre Carre Maybe it's the plush red velvet seating, maybe it's the fact that it's got its own royal box - in which Queen Beatrix actually sits - or maybe it's just the line-up of incredible shows, including Russian ballet, Ellen ten Damme rocking the circus, and blockbusters such as 'West Side Story' and 'Crazy Shopping, the Musical". This grand, 19th-century proscenium is definitely no...

Pathe Tuschinski

Walk into this stunning 20s art deco rococo 'world theatre palace' and you feel as if you're in a temple for celluloid. Charlie Chaplin might walk in at any moment, Marlene Dietrich on his arm. But it's also terribly current: just witness the many red carpet premieres taking place here - often to road-blocking effect.

The Golden Ton

On the edge of the Vondelpark this boutique wine shop may be tiny but its impressive selection of spirits and vintages is vast enough that it's the reliable go-to spot for true connoisseurs. Don't let that intimidate you, though: the staff is very approachable and sweet, and happy to help you select whatever you happen to need... even a simple Merlot (yes, even Merlot) for an...

The Original Dr. Fish

The Original Dr. Fish My feet and hands were looking a little scary after many long cold months untended and crammed into boots and gloves. Eschewing the normal option -some lotion, a nail file and an attempt at a DIY mani-pcdi - I decided to sacrifice myself to a school of ravenous fish. Fortunately, they weren't piranhas or barracudas, but garra rufas, minnow-sized fish with a voracious appetite...

Hype Kappers

Hype When you walk into Hype it's not immediately clear what's on offer; there are barbershop chairs to the side; graphic-print clothes on rails; designer toys on shelves and style magazines all over the place. While Hype's main business is hairdressing, it stocks enough covetable consumer treats (the Komono calculator watches are geek-chic gold) to make it worth a peruse even on a...


Rainarai Cruise by their Jordaan location for nautical nosh with an Algerian twist - meals with rice or couscous, vegetables and a choice of fish or meat are available for €12.50, as well as bottles of Lebanese Almaza wine. Order In advance by phone or pull up by the little stairs outside the shop.

Yam Yam Trattoria

Yam Yam Trattoria This Italian trattoria offers a delivery catering service with a selection of sandwiches, sweet pastries, Italian wines and antipasto. Orders should be placed at least three hours in advance and can be delivered to one of the canals nearby. Tue / Sat open from 18.00 so open from 17.30 closed on Mondays.


Skek Skek is run by students so they're sympathetic to those settling in for a long study sesh. Get a third off main meals when you flash student card. Open daily 12.00-01.00, Fri, Sat until 03.00.

Tricky Theater

Tricky Theater A theatre-cum-cafe that hosts regular interactive magic performances. Various dates and times. Fee: €6.50.


Kamertheater A tiny 'room theater' in a private house, where kids are encouraged to participate. Various times. Fee: €6.


Klankspeeltuin Kids from seven to 12 will love this musical playground far creating extraordinary sounds. Various dates and times; €8.50. In Dutch.
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