Shepherd Corn Mill (Meelmolen De Herder), Medemblik

Shepherd Corn Mill (Meelmolen De Herder), Medemblik

One of the first things you see when arriving in Medemblik is this great old windmill "De Herder" (the Shepherd) with the mill house. If you look closely at the end of the driveway you'll see one of the old stone mill wheels used to grind the grain. Traditional shepherds still to be found in Medemblik. Jelle Kootstraat is a shepherd that doesn't object to Visitors coming to watch Netherlands Slenaken Shepherd standing on field with sheep out to pasture every day. Flour windmill de Herder is near the railroad track of the stream train Hoorn-Medemblik.

The Shepherd Mill is an historic corn mill situated on the Westerdijk in the town of Medemblik. The mill was built in 1880, to replace a 16th century post mill that had originally served the town. The mill was in use as a commercial corn mill until the end of the Second World War. The Shepherd Mill is now owned by The Medemblikker Corn Mill Foundation, and is open to the public every Saturday. There is a bench by the entrance of the park and in summer comes here a couple times a day a steam train pass.

Besides the flour mill, the foundation also has Brack Polder Watermill in its management. The mill is for the Brakeweg and parties. It is a so-called American windmill and unique in its kind in size and performance. Restoration of the mill also finished to run again.

Flour windmill "de Herder"; near the railroad track of the stream train Hoorn-Medemblik (From flickr)

Location and Contact:
Shepherd Corn Mill (Meelmolen De Herder)
Westerdijk 3
1671 GA Medemblik
Telephone: 0227-543198
Mobile phone: 06-21292613
Website: (English not available)

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