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FASHION Drop FASHION Drop is a one stop shop for inexpensive fashion collections like printed party dresses, women casual slim fit dresses, Long sleeve blouse dresses, fashion long skirts, tops and much more. Here you can keep you up to date with high street fashion items at best prices with free international shipping. For more info, please visit FASHION Drop website.

BMO Australia

BMO Australia BMO Australia is the leading and pioneering Producer of handmade Australian Ugg Boots. All of our sheepskin boots are handmade and crafted in the Blue Mountains of Australia, creating the exclusivity of this Genuine Iconic product.


MINI MALL MINI MALL, the latest creative hotspot in the city, is housed under the first seven arches of the former Hofplein Station. The MINI MALL consists of 2500 square metres of retail and catering space for entrepreneurs, artists, designers and other creative minds. For the visitor who is also a lover of retail therapy, it's the perfect destination.

Shopping in Hague

Something for everyone Shopping in The Hague is an adventure in itself. Apart from the big department stores, around the palaces there are many streets and squares where shoppers can only rotall therapy at its best... and, if from legs got tried, you can take a free ride in a horse and cart along art and unique route. Be dazzled by the goldsmiths, silversmiths and ironmongers...


Desalai Desalai offers best collection of long lasting hand painted leather bags, wallets at affordable prices. All of our hand painted shopping bags are made of high quality DDDM leather created by qualified artists. For more details about handbemahlte handtaschen, visit us at

Rosa Rosas

Rosa Rosas If you can manage to ignore the penetrating stares of the retro mannequins, which wouldn't look out of place in 'Dawn of the Dead’, new boutique Rosa Rosas is a fruitful stomping ground for vintage lovers. The eclectic mix of clothes - there's a healthy mix of highstreet (Topshop) and luxe (Miu Miu) - are carefully chosen by the store's owner Carien Reugebrink, whose style...

Angie V

Angie V Hidden in the depths of the grand Magna Plaza, Angie V is all about the kitsch accessories. Whether it's the garish Lollipop bags or the Hello Kitty-inspired trinkets from Tarina Tarantino, this powder pink-coloured shop has got girly bits and bobs covered. Open Mon 11.00-19.00; Tue-Sat 10.00-19.00; Sun 12.00-19.00.


Backstage Whether you're planning total metamorphosis or simply heading to a fancy-dress do. Backstage can lend a hand. This dedicated make-up shop offers everything from fluoro wigs to gruesome make-up, including blood, sweat and tears. Open Mon 11.00-18.00; Tue-Fri 10.00-18.00; Sat 10.00-17.00.


The funky lighting concept alone makes Riele worthy of a visit - the latest must-have items are, quite literally, in the spotlight. And that's before you get to the immaculate rails of much-coveted labels. There's everything from Gaetano Navarra and Manoush to Ab Soul, Mads Norgaard and Rare. Open Mon 12.00-18.00; Tue 20.00-18.00; Wed-Sat 10.00 - 19.00; Sun 13.00-18.00.

Recycled Bicycles

Recycled Bicycles Get a cheap recycled or second-hand bike with free repairs in the first month and the opportunity to sell it back at the end of your stay. The assistants are very friendly and pretty permanent, so get to know them and don't be afraid to barter.

Go Joker

Just down the street from Henk Lee's is Go Joker. The store and its owner, Ron Admiraal are a little bit chaotic, but the superb selection of super-hero comics downstairs and graphic novels on the ground floor - all at good prices - means it's worth a visit. There's hardly any merchandise, which will come as a relief to traditionalists. Give yourself plenty of time, for Ron...

Henk Lee

Henk Lee Specialising in American' comics and Manga, this cosy store on the Nieuwmarkt usually gets the latest issues as soon as the US docs because they do the importing themselves - important for those who need their fixes ASAP. We've been told the good stuff arrives on Wednesdays, and that's when the place turns into an aficionado hang-out. A bonus feature is the multitude of fun...

Beeld Verhaal

Beeld Verhaal Beeld Vcrhaal (literally "picture story") is owned by two women, and that's clearly the reason it's the most organised of all the stores in town. As you walk in, you're welcomed by the beaming Jeanette Scheepers, her daughter Daphne and 1.000 smiling Tintin faces - they happen to have the only store in Amsterdam licensed to sell Tintin merchandise. If the Belgian blond isn't...

Nou Moe

Nou Moe This small corner shop behind the Noorderkerk is packed wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor with comics, graphic novels, soft toys, coffee mugs, stickers, notebooks, and so on. In fact, if you're not careful you could easily overlook the owner, whose little round face, moustache and glasses actually make him look like a comic-book character. The store is a bit on the disorderly...

Lambiek (Book Store)

Lambiek Opened in 1968 Lambiek claims to be the oldest comic-book store in Europe. These days it's a hipster hang-out serving everyone from skinny-jeaned designers to bleached-blonde rockabilly babes with a vast selection of mainstream and underground comics, graphic novels and art books - ranging in languages from English through Japanese to Swahili. They even have a large selection...
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