Sights/Places Of Interest In Zaan-region

Sights/Places of interest in Zaan-region

Who wants to visit the Zaan-region, has to make choices. Are you interested in exteriors, mills, museums, The Zaanse Schans, the beautiful Zaanse scenery or recreation and not to forget the colorful history of the Zaan-region? (There is so much to do and to see in the Zaan-region, that you may consider staying here for a couple of days). Go for a cycle tour, which brings you by the most beautiful locations.

The people of the Zaan Region have traditionally lived close to water. The many peat-meadow areas are dotted with thousands of ditches and ponds and there is the Zaan, the main artery for professional and pleasure craft and the Nauernasche canal that connects the North Sea Canal and Alkmaardermeer for recreational boating.

Just north of Amsterdam is the city Zaanstad, an agglomeration of several places with Zaandam as centre. Between Zaandam and Oostzaan is the polder Oostzanerveld with many canals, suitable for kayaking. You can make a round trip through the polder and the eastern part of Zaandam region and its villages. Although there are many flats, there also is a lot of green in Zaandam. The second route goes around the recreation area Het Twiske towards Den Ilp, then through Het Twiske and the Oostzanerveld.

All this water means that the Zaan Region has numerous facilities aimed directly at water tourism. There are countless yacht harbors, large and small, boat yards, nautical shops, repair yards, and businesses that rent out sailing boats, rowing boats, canoes and small motorboats. In addition, water sports associations regularly hold races and tour cruises in the area.

The below mentioned sights concern facades and exteriors:


Dorpsstraat Assendelft-South
Résumé with ditch road and old farms.

Koog aan de Zaan

Museumlaan (Mill museum)
Lagedijk 34, Koog aan de Zaan
Mennonite Church.


Padlaan 7
”Het Blauwe End”, built early 18th century
Noorderhoofdstraat 131
Old-Catholic Church


Zuideinde 233
The vermaning of the Frisian Mennonite Parish, raised in 1731.
J.J. Allanstraat t/o 463
Mill Het Prinsenhof (The Prince's Court), Hull mill from 1722.
J.J. Allanstraat 463
Wooden church from 1695.
Kerkbuurt 35
Former law house of Westzaan, built in 1781-1783. From 1820 till 1974 town hall of former municipality Westzaan.
Kerkbuurt 37
Protestant Church from 1741.
Provincialeweg 28
Paper mill “De Schoolmeester”, nick named “De Gauwdief”.


Billitonkade 31 t/m 40
”’t Hof Saenden” from 1915
Hennepad 22 t/m 31
”Het Blauwhofje” in 1756 founded by Dirk Jansz Blauw.
Zaanweg 36
Mansion from 1836, Birth place of writer Herman Gorter
Zaanweg 57
Mennonite Church.


Westzijde 204-210
Former orphanage of the Protestant. Built between 1750-1775
Papenpad 13
Old-Catholic Church of the H. Maria Magdalena, built in 1695.
Westzijde 75
Protestant “Westzijder- or Bullekerk”. Built in 1638-1640 and 1672-1680.
Westzijde 80
Mennonite Church. Built in 1687
Hogendam 1-1b
Excise-houses, early 18th century
Hogendijk 78
House of the Cardinals, Built mid 17th century
Hogendijk 78
”Het Blauwe Huis”, Built in 1724
Zuiddijk 1
Protestant “Oostzijderkerk”, Built 1685
Oostzijde 221
Brick house from the 2nd half of the 18th century.
Oostzijde 256-258-260
House with the Cock, Built between 1750 and 1775
Haaldersbroek 1 en 11
2 wooden houses from the 2nd half of the last century. Kalverringdijk and neighborhood are painted by Claude Monet.


Lagedijk 80
Business house, built in 1706. Owned by foundation Honig-Breethuis.
Lagedijk 104
Business house from 1752. From 1854 till 1974 town hall former municipality Zaandijk.
Lagedijk, at Weefhuis
Statue Garden. Placed in 1804.
View workmen’s houses.
Mill De Bleeke Dood (The pale death)


Zaan-region Market
April 30th In the Region Rummage Sale because of queens day.

Heiligeweg, Krommenie
Tuesday 10.30-16.00 hr
From March 1st till 30 September 30th opened till 17.00 hr.

Krommenieërweg, Wormerveer
Wednesday 9.00-17.00 hr.

Rozengracht, Zaandam
Thursday 9.00-17.00 hr
Saturday 9.00-17.00 hr


The Zaan-area became world-famous because of them. Because over centuries wind-mills supplied the (clean) energy for one of the first real industrial areas of the world. For Details: Zaan Area Wind Mills - The Zaanse Mills

The Czar Peter house

Towards the end of the 17th century Czar Peter the Great, whose great desire was the realization of his ideals to make his enormous empire great, had conceived the plan to become personally, acquainted with the civilization, commerce and industry of Western Europe. More details: The Czar Peter House in Zaandam


The Zaan-region is rich in museums, like the Bakery Museum, the Mill museum and the Police Museum. Particularly nice are the Czaar Peter House and the Zaans Museum. More Details: Museums In Zaan-region

The Zaanse Schans

The Zaanse Schans is famous for his unique combination of wind mills and green wooden houses from the 17th century.
A visit to the Zaanse Schans is an unforgettable experience. Visit mills and museums and make a nice canal tour and enjoy the beautiful environment. More Details: Places to visit in Zaanse Schans


Recreation area Het Twiske is situated north of Amsterdam, between Zaanstad and Purmerend.In the wide area Het Twiske is being mentioned on ANWB traffic signs.The area owes it’s name to a little river named the Twisck, which formed an open connection between Wormer and the IJ-river. This recreation area of 650 ha is being managed by Recreationship “het Twiske”. More Details: Het Twiske Recreation Area, Zaan- Region and The Jagersveld recreational area

Bicycle tour and The Zaanse Mill tour

Cycle tours at the moment, which go through the beautiful Zaanse landscape. These tours are made with care and checked. Here you can find almost everything about the origination of the Zaan-region.), the beautiful nature and recreation areas. You will enjoy the tours and would like to hear/read about your experiences and remarks. More Details: Zaan-region Bicycle tour and The Zaanse Mill Cycle Tour

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