Sweet Tooth?

Then Holland’s the best place to be! Taste, of course, is something personal but, in general, the Dutch love to eat sweets! Walk into any of the many ballery shops displaying mouth-watering sweets to be randomly selected.

Here’s a list of sweets specific to Holland:


The Dutch annually consume about 31 million kilos of "drop". Nowhere else in the world will you have you ever seen such an enormous assortment of licoriceS! Check out any candy store to witness this for yourself.


These cookies consist of 2 layers of thin waffles filled with dark sugar syrup. You can buy them at any street market or in any grocery shop. They’re a great gift to take home. But don’t expect them to last long.


This buttery, solid cake hits the spot with a cup of coffee or tea.


Many bakers sell small loaves of bread that have been baked with sugar and sweet spices. This is a special treat at breakfast. If you’re at the bakery, try it.

Haagse hopjes

These coffee-flavored caramel candies can be bought in beautiful tin cans or in "refill" packages. As the name says, the candy comes from The Hague.

Dutch Chocolate

Milk, bitter, white or with nuts... Make your selection! You "chocoholics" will have a hard time containing yourselves in Holland.

Limburgse Vlaai (Flan)

The southern province of Limburg is known for its flans, made with a yeast dough and filled with fruit or creamed rice. They are known throughout the nation. The flans are unusual inthat the crust is made with a sweet yeast dough instead of the more conventional short crust pastry. A slice tastes delicious with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea...


These small, round miniature "pancakes" are served with lots of melted butter and powdered sugar. They’re a great snack any time of day!

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