Texel - Vlieland V.V. By Ferry Rederij de Vriendschap

Texel - Vlieland V.V. By Ferry Rederij de Vriendschap

Wadden Island Hopping

Sail from island to island without mainland stops.

The (sailing) season starts at the end of April and ends at the end of September. 'Rederij de Vriendschap' usually sailes once a day. If participation for extra departures is sufficient, extra departures might be available. The trip from Texel to Vlieland takes about thirty minutes. Once arrived at the top of Vlieland the Vliehorsexpres will take you to the 'Posthuys'. Please do check in case of bad weather circumstances whether the ferry is departing. De Vriendschap does not sail at force 7 or more.

The ferry Texel-Vlieland is a seasonal passenger ferry service. Begin sailing season in late April and ends late September. In Peak season (July & August) they operate daily, and there are several departures. In the low season they just sail on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Ticketing is at "The Norseman" Perseverance is the opposite of KNRM "The Cocksdorp" , 2 km north of the Village Cock. After half hour cruise you will be reached on the tip of Vlieland and the journey continues with the Vliehors Express (included). This is the only passenger ship sailing on northern Wadden Sea to Robben Texel. The bikes can only be taken one way. Reservations are needed, in high season at least one week in advance! You may wish to extend the holiday with a few days Texel and Vlieland own bike, or "island hopping". For 'educational' school trips, staff outings or other special celebrations they can offer tours. Possibly in combination with the 'Vliehors Express' on Vlieland.

For ticketing and more details:
Contact Rederij de Vriendschap
Vuurtorenweg 100
1795LN De Cocksdorp
Tel: +31 222-316 451
Mob: +31 6 - 13524734
Email: i...@waddenveer.nl
Website: http://www.waddenveer.nl/

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