Training and Workshop at the Batavia Yard

Training and Workshop at the Batavia Yard

For many, the shipbuilding projects at Batavia Yard are a successful first step and stepping stone to paid employment, training or self-employment. ‘Straight to work' is Batavia Yard's motto. Under the supervision of instructors, the participants gain experience and derive enjoyment from the work, recognizing new opportunities in their lives.

The ships Batavia and De Zeven Provinciën are being built by Dutch young people within the framework of a crafts training. There are several directions:

The training is completely on the job and takes two years. This way an apprentice not only gains professional knowledge, but also working experience.

Education foundation
Since 1 February 2007, the Batavia Yard education foundation has been incorporated into the ‘Concern for Work' organisation, which provides sheltered employment in the province of Flevoland. Together with this organisation, people are given work placements at Batavia Yard, where they receive coaching to support their reintegration into the labour market. And with success: six months of working on such elements as work rhythm, social etiquette and personal learning objectives give them a new perspective on their careers. Working on your personal development in a unique workplace that you can be proud of can have a major impact.

From 1 April 2009, Batavia Yard offers participants in the education programme a diploma. Within a year, participants can complete a level-one course to become a shipyard building site assistant.
the workshops and the ship Batavia itself
The woodcarving workshop
Woodcarving is the art of creating statues and ornaments from wood: a form of sculpture. In the woodcarving workshop, statues and ornaments are carved for Admiral Michiel de Ruyter's battleship The Seven Provinces. The ship was built in the mid-17th century (1665) and the design style that was applicable at that time is being used again on the ship today. Representing the sovereignty of the Republic, the woodcarving on the stern of the ship, in particular, had significant symbolic value.

The rigging workshop
In the rigging workshop, rope is used to create elements of the rigging. Rigging is a collective term for all the sails, nets, ropes and spars necessary to both propel a ship forward and to anchor it. Blocks are needed for the rigging that are connected to the ropes and the ship's construction. The artillery, primarily cannons, was also operated using ropes and blocks.

Forge training courses
The quayside forge was established in collaboration with the Dutch Guild for Ornamental Metalwork, which is part of the Metaalunie, the Dutch Employers' Organisation for Small- and Medium-Sized Companies in the Metal Industry. In addition to training courses, work in the forge primarily involves the ironwork for De 7 Provinciën. Ironwork is also made for the maintenance of the Batavia, including rigging hooks in all shapes and sizes, rivets, trusses and locks, armaments, tools and nails.

The training and workshop at the Batavia-yard is supported by:

Ask your benefits agency about the possibilities or contact Batavia Yard's education co-ordinator on +31 (0)320-261409 or

Conference facilities
Batavia Yard is the perfect location in which to organise your product presentation, team building programme or other special meeting. If you would like more information, please contact Nathalie Salders for reservations on +31 (0)320-261409 or send an email to

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