VAT Tax Refund, Customs and Duty free shopping

VAT Tax Refund, Customs and Duty free shopping for tourist

At the time of departure from Netherlands and final departure from the European Union territory, and before checking in your baggage, you must bring your invoice(s) and the merchandise purchased to the Dutch Customs in order for them to process your V.A.T. refund claim (there is a specific booth for this purpose just prior to the entrance to the international area at the international port, gate or airport). Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel & Conference Center is the only five-star hotel with direct access to arrival and departure halls. No taxi, no shuttle. Once off the plane you've arrived.

Stores in the Netherlands charge a sales tax of 15.97% on consumer goods, which is included in the overall price. When leaving the Netherlands, non-EU tourists can apply for a tax refund on goods bought. The minimum purchase to qualify for a refund is EUR50 in one store in one day. To reclaim tax you need to request a tax refund form when you make a purchase, which will state the amount of refund due. Customs officials must stamp these documents as you leave the country and the refund will be processed and sent to you.

Non-EU residents that have purchased goods in Europe and are entitled to a VAT refund, can have their VAT paid out in cash at Schiphol. VAT cheques of the Global Refund organisation can be cashed at one of the branches of ABN AMRO Bank and GWK. Most goods you buy include a value added tax (VAT) at 19%. As a non-EU resident, you are entitled to a VAT refund upon leaving the EU. You can claim a refund when you take the goods with you back home, saving you as much as 18% on your shopping! will help you get a refund up to 18% of the 19% VAT on all validated purchases.

Cheques issued by the Cashback and Easy Tax Free organisations can be cashed at the desk of the Communication Centre in Lounge Central.If you have any questions about the refund of VAT you can also call the Customs Office at Schiphol: (+31) (0)20 316 47 00. For general information about travelling and customs matters – besides the customs offices - you can also contact the Customs Information Line (+31) (0)800 01 43 (toll-free)

If you are a resident of another country, please refer to your own country’s rules and regulations regarding customs and duty-free shopping to ensure compliance upon your return.

The current Value Added Tax (VAT) levied by each country on this itinerary is:

The tax rate may be higher for luxury items and lower for basic goods. As a rule, if you are not a resident of the country (or of the country’s intergovernmental economic community, e.g., the European Union) in which the purchase is made, you may be entitled to a Value Added Tax (VAT) refund and should inquire about the refund policy where you shop.

Cash Refund At land side

Before check-in, please go direct to the Global Refund Cash Refund Office in departure hall 3, (opposite check in desk 22). Simply show your purchases, receipts, passport, ticket/s and Global Refund Cheques. The Global Refund personnel will check your export goods. Get your refund by immediate cash, direct crediting to a chosen credit card, Dutch bank account, or bank cheque sent to a chosen address.

Cash Refund At air side/ for hand luggage:

After check-in at the transit desk, please go direct to the Global Refund Cash Refund Office. Simply show your purchases, receipts, passport, ticket/s and Global Refund Cheques. The Global Refund personnel will check your export goods and a refund will be given.

Cash Refund When the Global Refund Office is closed:

Please visit customs on landside at terminal 2, and on airside at terminal 3. Show your purchases, receipts, passport, ticket/s and your Global Refund Cheques will be stamped by customs officials. You can cash your stamped Global Refund Cheques at ABN Amro bank on airside at terminal 2.

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Duty Free:

Schiphol Airport Duty Free Shops offer a variety of choices - from toys, toiletries, souvenirs, wares, to food products. Expect to pay 20% more for an item vis-a-vis its price in the stores in the city. If you are a U.S. or Canadian resident, you may qualify for a personal exemption which allows you to bring goods of a certain value into the country without paying customs duties, excise taxes, or Value Added Tax. Simply show your passport when you make a purchase and you will be given a Tax-free Shopping cheque showing the refund you are owed. As you leave the country, customs officials will stamp your cheques. You can claim your refund from the Tax-free Shopping desk or have it sent to you. For further information, Email: Also check: Maximum tax-free carry allowances

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