Volendam Museum, Volendam

Volendam Museum, Volendam

The easily accessible Volendam Museum with adjoining cigar bands-house and picture theatre is located in the village-centre near the old quarter and the Volendam dyke with adequate parking facilities in the neighbourhood.

Lying in the shelter of the harbor dyke, the old village of Volendam with its narrow canals, wooden bridges, alleyways and small brick houses is ideal for leisurely nostalgic strolls.

Exhibition of i.a. Volendam (and national) dress and ornaments, traditional dutch clothing, various works of art i.a. of the international artists’ colony, old interiors, fishery and related industry, home crafts along with a yearly varying thematic exposition and inclusive of a visit to the walk-in picture-theatre and cigar bands-house with mosaics and decorations of 11 million cigar-bands.

Cigar Bands Room

As an area that was developed from a fishing village into other industries, it became famous the world over for designing and manufacturing cigar bands. A great curiosity was the cigar-band room - basically a room which some demented soul had decorated entirely, and very skilfully, with cigar bands; although what precisely this has to do with the history of Volendam escaped me at the time, and still does.

From the start in 1947 in a local artist’s house some 11 million cigar-bands have been used to compose a unique collection of mosaics. Since 1995 the colourful decorations of world famous buildings, works of art, province-arms, windmills and other typical Dutch symbols have been a major indoor attraction of the Volendam Museum.

This building is located next to the museum and displays the multi-colored mosaic patterns that go into these designs. As you can imagine many of the designs have a very Dutch flavor, from pictures of windmills, provincial workers and, of course, fish.

Thematic exhibition of the large Volendam (and national) costume showcase, ornaments, paintings, drawings, sculptures, earthenware, literature, musical expressions and other works of art and video presentation ‘History of Volendam’ and expositions like ‘Volendam in words and pictures’, ‘Singing and dancing tradition’etc. If you would like to take a peek into the past and cast a glance at how the people of Volendam used to live and work in their small fishing cottages, then a visit to the Volendam Museum is well recommended.

Admission prices:
Adult: € 2,50, Senior: € 2, Child: € 2

Opening hours: March till November daily 10:00 – 17:00 hrs.

Location and Contact
Volendam Museum
Zeestraat 41
1131 ZD Volendam (The Netherlands)
Tel.: +31 (0)299 369258 or (0) 299 365186
Fax: +31 (0)84 836 0 635
E-mail: i...@volendamsmuseum.nl
Website: http://www.volendamsmuseum.nl/index.php?id=9840

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