West Frisian Museum (Westfries Museum), Former Staten College (State Council), Hoorn

West Frisian Museum (Westfries Museum), Hoorn

The Westfries museum in Hoorn is a cultural-historical museum, specifically related to the region of Westfriesland. Located in a rich 17th century building in the heart of Hoorn, the Westfries museum tells the story of life, work, history and wealth within the Hoorn and Westfries region. There are Folclore Period rooms, Interior decorating, Urban Regional history.

Staten College (State Council), De Waag (weigh house) At De Roode Steen" (Roode Steen square)

On the square In the Red Rock are some key former government buildings, the Waag and the Staten College (State Council). The State College dates from 1632 and now houses the Westfries Museum, the historic city museum of city and region. This Former province house Staten College, now part of Westfries Museum.

Step inside to witness the wealth this town once possessed. Sumptuous furniture, paintings, ship models, and anything else associated with the history of the region — they're all there, all displayed in elegant surroundings. On the opposite side of the square is the Waag, an especially nice weigh house from 1609.

The building met several times a year the Executive Committed Councils of West Friesland and Holland's Northern Quarter. In the upper part of facade adorns the arms of Orange, while bearing the arms of West-Friesland to see. On the front stairs are the weapons of the seven cities, each held by a lion. The basement of the building dates from the late Middle Ages, when this place the provost of West Friesland, representing the Bishop of Utrecht, its office.

A beautiful example of early 18th-century ironwork, the gate to the small square for the museum. Het hek is in 1729 door J. The fence was in 1729 by J. Uljé vervaardigd Ulje made.

(Local Name: Westfries Museum) Opposite the Weigh House is the Proostenhuis (1632), once the meeting place of the Council of West Friesland, which is now occupied by the West Frisian Museum (Westfries Museum). It was opened on 10 January 1880 and has been established in a monumental building dating to 1632, with a beautiful decorative facade of lions and city weapons and with stately halls, intimate rooms, high attics and mysterious cellars is still known as the Statencollege. Here, generations of local notables met to discuss the West Friesian Mint, the United East India Company and the Admiralty. This building originally belonged to the Gecommitteerde Raden van West-Friesland en het Noorderkwartier, as a part of the Staten van Holland en West-Friesland, and later became a court. Until 1932 part of the building housed the kanton's court and part its museum.

In 1880, the complex became a museum and now the re-modelled and adapted museum houses an extremely rich and varied collection of paintings, silver, porcelain and many other treasures of the past in such fields as art, shipping and archeology, for instance. Here, both adults and children can find out about the history of the town and the region. You can explore this history by making a mystery tour of the museum or simply by wandering through the 25 rooms and halls.
Folclore Period rooms, Interior decorating, Urban Regional history of West Frisian Museum (Westfries Museum)
Over the years, Hoorn has collected many old and new treasures. These can be found in its seven museums, of which the West Frisian Museum is the oldest. The building itself, an exceptional example of Renaissance art, is well worth a visit. Close to this “old giant” is the most recent museum acquisition: the first poster museum in the Netherlands, with a changing display of advertising placards and posters through the ages.

The present-day complex with its imposing halls, intimate chambers, mysterious cellars and loft with prison cells features 18th and 19th century interiors and houses a rich and varied collection including group portraits of the Civic Guard of Hoorn, mantel paintings, porcelain and silver, curiosity cabinets and many other objects. There is also a rich collection of silver, a collection of wallpaper designs in watercolor technique, many curios, old tower clocks, many Western Frisian costumes and a collection of naïve paintings. All in period rooms, antique garden, crafts and archaeological attic vaults.

Location and Contact:
West Frisian Museum (Westfries Museum)
Rode Steen 1
1621 CV Hoorn
Tel: (+31) 0229-280022
Email: i...@wfm.nl
Website: www.wfm.nl (English not available yet)

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