Zaan-region Bicycle tour

Zaan-region Bicycle tour

Zaan-region Bicycle tour which go through the beautiful Zaanse landscape. These tours are made with care and checked. You will enjoy the tours and would like to hear/read about your experiences and remarks. Also for problems/indistinctness, can be changed things immediately. This cycling-tour (+/- 34,4 km) brings you by the most beautiful places of this municipality. Have fun!

This tour is about 34,4 km long. When you are visiting the Zaan-region without bringing a bicycle, you can rent one at the railway station Zaandam at bicycle-stabling Stoop. You can have some fun already with the information about the tour you are going to make, by clicking on the link.

Note To Abbreviations for Directions:

TR= To the Right ; TL=To the Left ; SA=Straight Ahead

Map of the Zaan-Region cycling tour (Click on the image for full view)

Map of the Zaan-Region cycling tour
This tour will start from railway-station "Zaandam". It is possible to rent a bike at stabling Fietspoint Pieters. When you leave the station, it is on your right hand. Reservation is recommended, because of the limited number of bikes. Contact: Provincialeweg 21, 1506MA, Zaandam, Tel: +31(0)75-6156593.

When you leave this stabling, you go TR towards the "provincialeweg". Before the traffic-lights you go TR (cycle-track). First road TR. You underpass the railway.

When you leave the tunnel, you go TR to the "Houtveldweg" (sign bicycle in the direction of Westzanerdijk). Past the fire brigade, past the filling station, you go TR (Aris van Broekweg). This road changes into the "Westzanerdijk". Along this road you see, at your right at the level of nr. 280, the building of 5 Zaanse houses in traditional Zaanse wood-building by firm Somass. Just a bit further on lays the Jewish graveyard.

Keep following this road. Pass the smoked cheese factory of Schipper on your left hand. (The cheese-store is open on Thursday/Friday from 09:00 till 18:00 and Saturday from 09:00 till 15:00)

Then over the sluice, the first road TR to the "Zuideinde" (Westzaan).

You cycle through all of Westzaan (J.J.Allanstraat) where you can enjoy the beautiful houses and nature at your left and right. Nearly opposite to nr. 459/461 stands an old model ANWB sign-post with the route to the mill Molen het Prinsenhof. (Footpath ca. 6 minutes walking).

When you leave the mill, go on in the old direction.

In the center of Westzaan you almost drive against the Law-house. At the left, in front of the Law-house, is hotel/restaurant "De Prins". You pass the Law-house at your left hand (church-neighborhood)

You follow this road till the "provinciale weg" (N515). You cross this road and go directly TR to the cycle-track. (At your left stands the water tower of Assendelft)

You cycle along the "provinciale weg" now. When you cross the little bridge, first road TL (towards Wormerveer/ Krommenie). Of course you can also visit the mill Molen De Schoolmeester (a couple of hundred meters further on). After visiting the mill you can just return to this point and go TR (to the "Middel").

You follow this road, underpass the speedway, through the Middel-neighborhood. The road goes to the right. Follow this road and don’t go left to the cycle track.

Before you underpass the railway tunnel you can just read the information sign about Het Guisveld at your right hand. After you left the railway tunnel you go TL. The cycle track along the N203.

On your left you see the factories from Forbo. Passed the filling station you cross the "provinciale weg" TR at the traffic lights. You ride SA through the "Vlietsend" and the "Zuiderhoofdstraat" (shopping street). In this street are several beautiful Zaanse houses and two former clandestine churches. At the fourth street on your right hand you go TR into the "Padlaan". Here you go SA.

At the "Provinciale weg" (N246) you go SA into the "Kerkstraat". You can ride this street till the water of the Zaan.

Follow the road to the right ("Zaanweg"). Go SA. On the other side of the Zaan you see the old warehouses in Wormer, which are declared monument. (Hollandia/Saigon/Batavia/Lassie)

At the crossing you go TL over the Zaanbridge. At your right you see the warehouses/factories of Lassie (rice). At the T-bifurcation TR (cycle track).

At the roundabout you go SA, follow the parallel road which changes in to a cycle-track and back to a parallel road again and then SA to the cycle-track.

At the T-bifurcation you go TR ("Zaandammerpad") and follow this cycle track.

At the little bridge TL, over the bridge directly TR (sign-post direction Zaanse Schans).

You follow this road till the first road at your right hand, there you go TR.

(Zaanse Schans).

This road changes into a cycle track which leads to the Zaanse Schans.

Along this road you pass several beautiful mills which you can pay a visit.

You can park you bike at the open part between mill Molen de Huisman and gallery "’T Galop". Then you can check out the Zaanse Schans by foot.

When you visit the Zaanse Schans you can continue the tour from Mustard-mill "De Huisman".

You cycle past gallery "’T Galop" towards the "Leegwaterweg". When you leave the Zaanse Schans you go TL onto the cycle track in the direction of Oostzaan.

At the roundabout you go TR (you have to go left around the roundabout!). This road is called "Pinksterdrie".

At the T-bifurcation you go TL ("D.Sonoyweg") and you follow the road between the factories.

You enter the neighborhood "Haaldersbroek" in which, among others, the painter Claude de Monet made a few paintings.

At the T-bifurcation go TR and keep following this road. Cross the bridge and then TL along the houseboats ("’T Kalf").

At the T-bifurcation you go TL and in the curve you go TR. At the left you see the Heerenhuis where you can relax on the terrace with a nice cold/warm drink.

Keep following this road. When you underpass the speedway you go the first road TR and go TR once more time onto the cycle track, direction Het Twiske (hold on to these signs).
Het Twiske
At you left hand you see nature-area Oostzanerveld.

The cycle track goes up. When you’re almost on top of the bridge you see an info sign at the left about the Oostzanerveld.

Below again you go TL with a curve of 180 º.

You follow this cycle track till the cultivation of Oostzaan. You go SA over a little bridge and cross the street (cycle track) in the direction of Het Twiske/Landsmeer (at your right you see a small manege).

At the crossing you go TR in the direction of the info-center (see the "mushroom"-info sign).

A bit further on the road makes a curve to the left; in the curve you go TR.

At the end of this road at the T-bifurcation, you can choose to go TL to the info-center to pay Het Twiske a visit by yourself, or to go TR and continue the tour (Het Twiske is worth a visit though).

The tour continues at this point if you decide to pay Het Twiske a visit.

You go over a bridge and go SA, at the T-bifurcation you go TL into the church-neighborhood.

Past the church you take the first road TR into the "Kerkstraat"towards Zaandam /Zaanstad.

At the end of this street you go TR (street "Poelenburg").

After a couple of hundred meters you see at your right the Sultan Ahmet Mosque (the biggest mosque of Western Europe) which you can pay a visit. For a guided tour it is best to call first (075-6354775).

After visiting the mosque you go TR onto the street "Poelenburg".

After a couple of hundred meters you see an ANWB-sign with Center on it. This is where you go TL and follow the direction to the center of Zaandam ("Twiskeweg").

At the end of this road you go TR (at the left there is a nice children's-farm).

At the first possibility you go TL and cross the street towards the Rabobank.

You go SA over the parallel road, pass a crossing and go directly TL onto the cycle track.

Cross the bridge and below you go TR.

At the traffic lights you go TL into de "Peperstraat".

Follow this street, go over the bridge and you are in the center of Zaandam.

The road makes a curve to the right and then you take the first street TL. (Vinkenstraat)

At the end of this street you go TL to the cycle track.

At the traffic lights you go TR and follow the cycle track.

At the next traffic lights you see the NS railway-station again and you are at the end of this tour.

You can also enjoy Zaanse Schans boat tour. For boat tour contact:
Rederij 'de Schans'
Peter Woltheus
P.O. Box 71
1540 AB Koog aan de Zaan
Telephone 0031 (0)6 - 5329 4467

For Sail Boat or Electric Powered Boat Tour Contact:
Varen op de Zaan
Westzijde 78
1506 EG, Zaandam
Tel: 075-6146567

For Motor Boat Tour Contact:
Jachtwerf "de Hippert "bv.
Weerpad 2
1504 NX Zaandam
tel: 075-6163462
fax: 075-6705431

For kayaks, canoes, and pedal boats rental and tour; Contact
Kano Centrum Arjan Bloem
Poelweg 1B, 1531 MD Wormer
Tel: 075 - 6218805, 075 - 6215485
Website: or

Contact Zaan region Tourist Office (inside Inntel Hotel):

Provincialeweg 2, 1506 MD Zaandam, tel. +31 (0)900 – 4004040

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