The Zuiderzee Museum (Zuiderzeemuseum), Enkhuizen

The Zuiderzee Museum (Zuiderzeemuseum), Enkhuizen

The Zuiderzee Museum presents Dutch art, design and cultural legacy at the interface of land and water. The Zuiderzee Museum historical collection of approximately 24,000 objects is based on the (cultural) history of the Zuiderzee area. In addition, for several years the Museum has been collecting modern and contemporary expressions of art and culture connected with or inspired by the rich traditions of this area. Visual arts, photography, home & interior, ceramics & glass, design, ships, painting, jewellery, textiles & fashion are all represented in the collection.

The British artist Clare Twomey (1968) sculptural intervention in the architecture of the Zuiderzee Museum consists of hundreds of shards of household crockery and antique ceramic tiles. The footbridge, positioned high above the ship’s hall floor, offers a magnificent view of the largest collection of ships of all European museums. You can also make your way down and enjoy a wander around among the boats. These old, wooden ships are the Museum collection’s showpieces. You will see an ‘ijsvlet’ (ice boat), a transport ship and a Frisian hunting boat, to name but a few.

The Zuiderzee Molen Museum which has a wonderful "Buitenmuseum" which is a reconstruction of village culture around the Zuiderzee, before the Afsluitdijk was built and it became a lake.

It is a great museum, giving insight in the life in Holland around a century ago. If you go to Holland, it is inmportant to go to this museum, if you want to know where the dutch east-Indian companion came from. The whole region is like the old picture we got from holland. It is really Great. 130 little houses with people in old clothes.

The Zuiderzee Museum - originally formed to promote the fishing culture of the former Zuiderzee from the period 1880-1932 is to establish a museum and an indoor museum. In the Museum there is a park with authentic old buildings from the former Zuiderzee area. There are also demonstrations of old crafts. It is possible to take a boat from here across the Ijsselmeer into Friesland, or to go by historic sailing ship to Urk (old fishery village). Or to take a historic steam tram from Hoorn to medemblik, two nearby villages. Worth it for a day trip or weekend break from Amsterdam.


The Zuiderzee Museum (Zuiderzeemuseum), Enkhuizen

Museum Park

The outdoor area of the Zuiderzee Museum consists of a park with authentic old premises. There are art route through the Museum Park, with surprising combinations of Dutch cultural heritage on the one hand and modern art from this country on the other. In the streets of the Museum Park you can watch contemporary theatre with an occasional unexpected twist. The outdoor area of the Zuiderzee Museum consists of a park with authentic old premises. Over a hundred premises from the former Zuiderzee area have been brought together in the Museum Park. Some of them are completely fitted out in accordance with the old situation, with the original furniture and utensils. The visitor can also attend demonstrations of old trades in the Museum Park.

The chapel in the Museum Park, which originated in Den Oever, is an official wedding location of the Municipality of Enkhuizen with traditional organ music, are among the possibilities. In addition, the Museum Park on the IJsselmeer is an ideal setting for wedding, reception, dinner or party with catering service.
old, wooden ships are the Zuiderzee Museum collection’s showpieces

For Children

For children lots of exciting things are going on in the Zuiderzee Museum. One day is far too short, really, to learn to write with a dip pen in a 1930s classroom, or to make a boat from a wooden shoe. And in addition they can dress up, go on hunts, walk on stilts and ride a hobbyhorse. During all school holidays the Museum offers various extra activities for children. Visit our website for up-to-date information.

The Zuiderzee Museum is involved in various international projects. Since 2007, for example, the Museum has been contributing to the realization of the open-air museum Fort New Amsterdam in Surinam.

mo-tu-we-th-fr-sa-su: 10:00-17:00
Holiday: 1 jan 2010, New Year's Day, 25 dec 2010, Christmas day will remain Closed

Adult: 14,00
Child (4-12): 8,40
Senior citizens (From 65): 13,50
Group p.p. (From 20): 13,00
CJP: 8,40
Annual museum ticket: Free

Location and Contact:

The Zuiderzee Museum (Zuiderzeemuseum), Enkhuizen
Visiting Address: Wierdijk 12-22, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
(10 minute walk from Enkhuizen’s NS Station)
Postal Address: Postbus 42, 1600 AA Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)228 351111
Fax +31 (0)228 351212

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